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The Best B.Duck No-Tie Sneakers for Kids Who Want to Race Out the Door

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No-tie sneakers have become more and more popular with kids—and with the grownups tired of begging them to please, tie those laces before you trip! They are quick and easy to get on and off, they stay put, and they can speed up morning school routines. 

There are so many no-tie sneakers on the market, including slip-ons, toggle-laced shoes, elastic-laced shoes, and even dialed laces. While it’s much more convenient to skip tying bows, and no-tie shoes avoid the danger of tripping over untied laces, you do want to make sure their shoes have some way to ensure a proper, adjustable fit.

B.Duck Boys Kids’ Sneakers

B.Duck Sneakers


These shoes slip on in seconds for active kids of all ages without a moment to waste. Rather than any kind of laces to keep the shoes in place, these B.Duck’ flexible fabric hugs feet all around. There are pull tabs on the heel and tongue that are excellent for little hands to grab, and the toe tip is extra reinforced for toe-draggers.

B.Duck Kids Sneakers


Easy to slip on and off, these shoes are great for active kids since there are no laces to bother with. The heel pull-tab helps kids slip these on, and then they’re ready to run! The mesh uppers are ideal for warm weather climates (or hot feet), and the material is quite durable, even with super active kids. Use the size guide to find the best size, especially since there’s no way to adjust the fit of these shoes. 

B.Duck Boys Sneakers


Little kids’ feet grow so quickly that it can be wise to buy something inexpensive that you won’t mind swapping out in a couple of months. Available in a range of sizes and colors for toddlers and little kids, these have a breathable mesh upper that keeps feet cool. Flexible and lightweight, these sneakers have front and back pull-tabs, so older toddlers can probably put them on all by themselves—a major milestone! 

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