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Dressing Your Baby in Style: MLB Jerseys and More

As any new parent can tell you, having a baby is an amazing experience. It’s also a lot of work! From feeding and changing to playtime and naptime, there’s always something to do when you have a little one in the house.

One way to make things a little easier is to dress your baby in comfortable, high-quality clothing. This can include everything from onesies and sleepers to cute outfits for special occasions. And if you’re a fan of baseball, why not show your team spirit by dressing your baby in a cute MLB jersey?

The MLB shop offers a wide range of baseball jerseys for fans of all ages, including babies. These jerseys are made with soft, comfortable materials that are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, and they come in a range of sizes to fit your little one perfectly.

To complete the look, consider adding a new era MLB hat or baseball cap to your baby’s outfit. These hats are not only stylish, but they also help protect your baby’s face from the sun and wind.

When shopping for baby clothes and accessories, it’s important to choose high-quality products that are designed with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind. Look for items that are made with soft, breathable materials and avoid anything that could be a choking hazard.

With the right clothing and accessories, you can help your baby look and feel their best. And who knows, maybe they’ll grow up to be a baseball fan just like you!

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Baby clothes for the first six weeks

Planning your newborn’s wardrobe can be tricky, but it’s a lot of fun. There are so many little things to remember, from socks and hats to pajamas and bodysuits. To help you sort through the many options available, here’s a handy rundown of everything you’ll need for the first six weeks and beyond. Depending on how big your baby is and how fast he or she grows, this wardrobe may be everything you’ll need from birth until your baby is 6 weeks old.

Newborn clothing basics

What you need and why

Your baby will spend almost all of the first three months sleeping and eating, so you’ll want plenty of comfy sleepers, gowns, and pajamas, as well as a few simple outfits and accessories. Fancy going-home outfits and special-occasion clothes are nice to have for pictures, but for everyday life you’ll need durable clothes and accessories that can handle any messy situation.

Keep in mind that your little one will likely outgrow newborn clothes in a few months or sooner – in fact, some babies skip straight to 3-month-old sizes. So try not to spend a lot, and buy basics in a range of sizes. Once your baby is born and tests out his or her wardrobe, you’ll quickly learn which clothes work best and you can buy multiples of items that you love. New babies need to be changed frequently, of course, so the more baby clothes you have, the less often you’ll need to do laundry!

Here’s what you’ll need for your newborn .

For comfy nights and easy days

Your newborn will wear these one-piece footed sleepers around the clock, so buy a bunch! You’ll want to have six or more on hand. They’re 100 percent cotton, and since the zipper goes all the way down the front, it’s easy to get your baby’s legs in and out for diaper changes.

Super-soft and warm as toast

Pair these ultra cushy stretchy pants in GOTS-certified organic cotton with infant bodysuits to create an instant outfit. You’ll want four to six pairs to keep your baby’s legs nice and warm.

Great for layering

It’s nice to have lots of bodysuits for your newborn – three to six each of long-sleeved for colder months and short-sleeved for the rest of the year. These are classics, with cute patterns and snaps at the crotch to make diaper changes easier. The expandable necklines make it easy to get them over your baby’s head. Pro tip: In case of a massive diaper blowout, you can pull these down over your baby’s shoulders and body (rather than over the head) to keep the mess away from your baby’s face.

Easy-open bottom for simple diaper changes

Some parents swear by classic baby sleeper gowns for easy diaper changes. You just push the gown up with no need to unzip or unsnap anything. (This makes a difference when you’re changing 10 to 14 diapers a day!) These Yoga Sprouts gowns are as cute as they come, and can be pulled off over your baby’s head or down your baby’s body. Start with a set and see if you prefer them to footed sleepers.

Added warmth and cuteness

Cover your baby’s cute little noggin in these knit beanies. They’re made of silky-soft organic cotton and help keep your baby comfortable and warm. The top knot adds a sweet flair and makes the hat stay on more firmly, too. Three should be enough, unless you’re planning to be out and about a lot in chilly weather. Note: In warmer months, you’ll want a wide-brimmed sun hat for your baby, too.

Keep your baby’s feet toasty

When your newborn isn’t wearing a footed sleeper, it’s nice to have baby socks or one or two pairs of booties to keep those tiny feet warm. These adorable booties come with hook and loop fasteners so they won’t fall off.

Buying guide

What to look for in newborn clothing

Between spitting up and diaper overflow, newborns are constantly needing their clothes changed. Make it easier for yourself by choosing clothes that go on and off without a struggle. Look for shirts with snaps that open in the front or on the side, or that have wide neck openings. Choose sleepers that zip (or, if you prefer, snap) and pants with a loose, stretchy elastic waistband.

No matter how adorable they look, pass on infant clothes that will make it hard to change a diaper (we’re looking at you, baby “skinny jeans”). Thankfully, most baby bodysuits and one-piece outfits have snaps at the crotch.

Look for clothes that are soft and gentle on your newborn’s sensitive skin. Some experts recommend all cotton, although soft cotton blends also work for many babies. Avoid itchy or irritating embroidery, ruffles, lace, and decorations.

(Note: If clothes have decorations like bows, ruffles, patches, and buttons, make sure they’re firmly attached so they can’t come off and become a choking risk. Remove any drawstrings on necks or waistbands – they’re a strangulation hazard. Major baby-clothing brands avoid these risky embellishments, but homemade items, hand-me-downs, and pieces from small companies may have them.)

Another caution: “tagless” clothing, where size and washing information are printed on the back of the neck, sometimes causes skin irritation. If you notice your baby has redness in the area, switch to clothing with tags – you can always cut them out.

Finally, new clothing is often treated with chemicals, so make sure to wash all items before your baby wears them.

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