Best Baby Toys to Improve Fine Motor Skills

September 15, 2022

The first time your baby grabs for an object or builds a stack of blocks (and then knocks them down, of course) is pretty fun to watch. What looks like a simple, ordinary activity for adults is a pretty big deal for babies, and mastering these types of skills requires lots and lots of practice for your little one.

Fine motor skills—movements that involve small muscle groups like the hands and wrists—are a huge part of your little one’s development. Strong fine motor skills will help your little one better explore the world around them and reach crucial developmental milestones like picking up and manipulating objects, feeding themselves and even turning the pages of a book. And since little ones learn best through play, toys can be a great way to encourage this type of skill-building while having some fun along the way.

Babylist’s Best Toys to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Rainbow Stacking Rings

Rainbow Stacking Rings

This modern twist on the traditional stacking ring is just right for helping your baby practice fine motor skills. We love the rings’ bold colors and engaging patterns and that they’re made from a soft, plush fabric that’s safely chewable. The rings can be stacked on the pegged base or played with on their own and, in addition to brushing up on those fine motor skills, this toy also helps with other important skills like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and visual development.

Recycled Plastic Stacking Cups

Nesting cups

What’s the opposite of stacking? Nesting! Nesting cups are another great way for your baby to work on fine motor skills, and these eco-friendly cups in six different sizes are a perfect example of a simple, open-ended toy that holds so many play possibilities. These also make fun sand or water toys.

Hape Pound and Tap Bench

Pounding Toy

Simple cause and effect toys are always a good choice for capturing your baby’s attention. This one will captivate your tiny explorer as they pound the ball through the hole and hear the twinkling of the xylophone keys on its way down—all while improving their fine motor skills without even realizing it. It’s great for color recognition and hand-eye coordination, too.


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