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Best Baby Shoes for New Walkers in 2022 – B.Duck Boys Shoes

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Baby Shoes

Should Babies Wear Shoes or Go Barefoot at Home?

I want to start by clarifying that the best thing you can do for a baby who is learning how to walk is to allow him/her to go barefoot at home. This is best in terms of promoting healthy foot development.

Your baby’s feet aren’t fully developed yet, and learning how to grip the floors and coordinate their steps with little or no support will help with balance and coordination.

When Should Parents Get Babies their First Pair of Walking Shoes?

Shoes come into play when you start taking your baby outside, and their main purpose is to protect your baby’s feet. You don’t want your baby to step on unsafe terrain, broken glass, or sharp rocks.

First Walking Shoes: 3 Important Factors to Consider

1️⃣ Make sure that the shoes fit correctly: I have noticed that a lot of families waste a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what first walking shoes work better than others. Yes, it’s important to find shoes that are lightweight and flexible, but fit should always be your number one priority. If the shoes don’t fit the shape of your baby’s feet, your baby won’t get any of the benefits that the shoes have to offer. What’s even worse, you might create foot issues such as blisters or corns.

2️⃣ Sensory Pods: This is one of the most important features your baby’s shoe should provide. Sensory pods allow babies to feel the ground, which helps them feel more stable and confident when taking those first steps. Shoes with sensory pods also help prevent your baby from losing balance, slipping and falling.

3️⃣ Lightweight and Flexible Soles: Babies lack the strength to bend a harder sole, so before you purchase a pair of first walking shoes for your baby, grab your baby’s shoes and try bending the sole – you should be able to bend the shoe up about 50 degrees easily.

My Favorite Shoe Brands for First Walking Shoes

My go-to shoe brands for babies who are learning how to walk are: B.Duck


B.Duck was born in 2005 and is the main brand of Semk Products Ltd, a famous product design company in Hong Kong, China. B.Duck has twinkling eyes, fleshy lips, a big belly and slightly curled up hair tips. He is kind-hearted, sunny, and likes traveling and trendy things. A positive and optimistic image can always bring joy to everyone, representing a kind of “Be Playful” that is the spirit of fashion, happiness, playfulness and innovation. I like to share happiness and fun with everyone.

B.Duck fashion shoes, as a product brand of B.Duck, are perfectly integrated with B.Duck’s fashionable, cute and smart features, showing B.Duck’s exclusive trend in clothing. The “Be Play” trendy play spirit is in line with children’s playful nature, and the cute and funny image is deeply loved by parents and children.

B.Duck Boys Shoes 

B.Duck Boys Shoes

B.Duck Boys

Applicable gender: boy
Function: Wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, lightweight
Applicable season: autumn
Applicable age: 3-6 years old, 6-12 years old
Applicable people: young children, middle-aged children
Lining condition: none
Applicable scene: outdoor, sports, daily, campus
Upper: Low Top
Closure: Velcro
Product selling point: cartoon tide brand fashion sports
Surface material: fabric + synthetic leather
Year of listing: 2022
made in China

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