Best Toddler Alarm Clocks


Remember sleeping until 10, lazily reading the news in bed, then hitting the gym before meeting your friends for a late brunch? No? Us either.

Ah, babies and toddlers…the human alarm clocks you never knew you needed. Waking up with the birds is definitely a part of having an infant, but for some parents, this alarming trend (see what we did there?) can extend well into the toddler years. But trying to teach a two-year-old to stay in bed until a certain time? It’s no easy feat. A toddler alarm clock may be the solution you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether you’re tech-savvy or looking for just the basics, these six toddler alarm clocks get our vote as the best of the best for establishing healthy sleep routines and getting everyone in the family a bit more rest.

From Baby to Big Kid

 Hatch Rest+

If you’re looking for a clock you can use from your little one’s first night at home all the way through the big-kid years, the Hatch Rest+ is your best pick. More than just a toddler alarm clock, this modern multi-tasker is also a night light, a sound machine, a digital clock and an audio monitor all rolled into one. Every feature can be controlled and customized right from an app on your phone, and there’s even an eight-hour backup battery that will keep the Rest+ running in case you lose power. We love the idea of using it as a night light and sound machine in the early years and transitioning the Rest+ to a toddler alarm clock as your little one grows.

Form and Function

 Alarm Clock

The minimal, modern look of the Mella Ready to Rise clock is more than just a nice aesthetic—this toddler alarm clock strikes just the right balance between form and function. It’s easy to program and easy for a little one to understand, using colors and facial expressions to show your toddler when they need to stay in bed and when it’s okay for them to get out. Mella also features three sound options, five night light colors and an alarm function for older kiddos.

Popular Pick

Mirari OK to Wake

The Mirari Ok to Wake clock is well-loved (and well-reviewed) by parents for good reason. It’s super simple to use—the entire clock lights up green when it’s time to wake up, making it a perfect pick for younger toddlers. There’s also a night light option, a nap timer and an alarm clock (with a snooze button!), along with a digital clock and fun animations that your little one can activate by pressing on the “monster’s” toe buttons.

Filled with Features

My Tot Clock

From an alarm clock feature and lights to stories, songs and more, the My Tot has it all. The clock features five different colors that illuminate for different times—bedtime, wake time, naps, fun/activity time and timeout. There’s both an analog and digital clock and swappable faceplates for a custom look. And if that’s not enough, the My Tot also plays stories, lullabies, white noise and fun wake music. (There’s one story included but you can stock up on others separately.)

Favorite Characters

stoplight clock

Is your little one a fan of Sesame Street? Then this stoplight clock featuring Cookie Monster, Big Bird and fan favorite Elmo is the way to go. The clock uses simple stoplight colors to teach your little one to stay in bed, wake up or sit tight. The basic concept works well with younger toddlers and even some older babies, so it’s perfect if you’re trying to help your younger child with sleep. And if they’re not Sesame fans, not to worry—there are other characters to choose from too.

Hop to Bed

Kids Alarm Clock

Does some-bunny need a little more sleep? Then bring this cute rabbit clock into your life for a few more moments of peace and quiet. The Bunny Kids clock is packed with features, including things like a 12- or 24-hour display, a temperature sensor, a digital clock and of course a toddler alarm clock and night light. The clock’s screen is activated by sound or vibration (like a clap or a quick tap) and the cute bunny design will capture your little one’s imagination.

Nursing & Feeding

Best Humidifiers for Babies of 2022

We won’t lie: it’s so hard when your little one gets sick.

Whether it’s congestion, a sore throat or that dreaded barking cough that comes along with the croup, a sick, cranky baby or toddler is no fun.

When it comes to babies + lots of common colds and viruses, there’s not a whole lot you can do except provide as much comfort (and snuggles) as possible. And that’s where a humidifier comes in.

Do You Need a Humidifier for Baby?

For lots of parents, a humidifier for baby is a must-have, especially during cold and flu season. Moist air can help ease upper respiratory symptoms and soothe sore throats while your little one sleeps. It can also help dry, itchy skin and help create a more comforting sleeping environment all around.

How We Chose Our Best Humidifiers

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most, then took the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insight to tell you about the best humidifiers.

Best Humidifier Diffuser for Baby

Humidifier Diffuser

FridaBaby is known (and loved) for smart, innovative baby products—and this humidifier is no exception. In addition to providing cool-mist relief for your congested baby, it’s a diffuser and a nightlight, too. Other thoughtful features include an auto shut-off feature, a mist adjuster and a 12-hour run time.

Easiest to Clean Humidifier

Clean Humidifier

Before you get too excited, yes, you’ll still have to clean this baby humidifier—but much less often than many others on the market. And it’s a lot easier to do. Win!

This cool mist baby humidifier uses antimicrobial LED technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria and prevents mold growth. There’s also a large tank for 24 hours of run time and an auto shut-off feature.

Best Small Humidifier

 Small Humidifier

This quiet, low-maintenance cool mist humidifier is just right for smaller spaces. There are no filters, so it’s easier to keep clean than some other humidifiers for babies, and you can insert a VapoPad for soothing menthol vapors.

Best Large Room Humidifier

Large Room Humidifier

This baby humidifier has a lot going for it, starting with its size. The one-gallon tank can humidify rooms up to 200 square feet. Next on the pro list is how easy it is to fill and clean. The top-fill design makes getting water in fast and mess-free, and the wide opening means you can easily reach your hand in to give the tank a good scrub.

Best Customizable Baby Humidifier

Baby Humidifier

Complete with a touchscreen, a programmable temperature sensor and nightlight, the Hygro+ from Babymoov is a step up from the standard humidifier. Our favorite feature is the programmable humidity sensor; simply set your desired humidity and the sensor will automatically shut off when that level is reached and turn on again if it dips. (There’s a manual option, too.) The Hygro+ runs for up to 22 hours and can also be used as a diffuser.


Let your baby shake, rattle and roll with these sweet toys.

Best Rattles

For thousands of years, babies have been shaking, banging and teething on rattles. They’re always a huge hit with little ones, and they’re practical too.

Rattles help teach wee ones about cause and effect and let them put into practice their developing dexterity. But many of today’s rattles look nothing like the old-fashioned, ball-with-a-handle rattles that come to mind. Modern rattles come in all different shapes, but their goal is the same: entertain curious tots.

These are our favorite picks to help your baby get their rattle on:

Skip Hop Explore & More Egg Shakers


Your tiny dancer will be busting a groove in no time with the help of these maraca-like rattles. Placed in your baby’s palm, these egg-shaped forest animals each make a slightly different sound when shaken (the set comes with three). They’re colorful, fun and the noise will make you want to whip out your party hat.

Wood Baby Rattle Teether by Homi Baby

Classic Stick Rattle

Some rattles do still have that ball-with-a-handle look, but this one is anything but basic. Made of solid maple and birch, this wooden rattle is naturally anti-microbial and one of the safest options for babies. The simple design means it’s Montessori friendly, and there are (non toxic) painted options, too, if you’d like a little more color.

VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy

The High-Tech Rattle

If your baby is more interested in the sounds and bright lights of tech-y toys than something more Montessori-inspired, they’re sure to love this rattle. It’s even in the classic rattle shape! Just give it a gentle shake and watch the puppy’s cheeks light up, and a press of the music button plays about two dozen songs and sounds for hours of fun.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll Gift Set

Rattlin’ Multi-Pack

This collection of rattles may appear simple, but sometimes simple is what gets baby’s attention. The set includes a classic ball-and-stick rattle, a flexible ring-shaped rattle and a squishy ball rattle, so your little one gets a good variety of toys plus three different ways to practice their grasping skills.

Baby GUND Winky Lamb Plush Stuffed Animal Rattle

Shake & Snuggle

What parent doesn’t love a good multifunctional toy? While your little one might have already gathered a few stuffed animals (they’re often a go-to baby shower gift), this one has a built-in rattle to bring extra delight to your baby. And our favorite part: The entire lamb is machine-washable!

Lamaze Gardenbug Footfinder and Wrist Rattle Toy Set

A Wearable Rattle

Within the first couple of months, most babies will “find their hands,” or gain awareness of (and acute interest in) their body, and these wearable rattles can help with their discovery. With one pair for baby’s wrists and another pair for baby’s feet, plus extra crinkles in the bugs to go with the rattling sounds, this set is a sure-fire way to keep the youngest babies entertained. They also make a great distraction during diaper changes!


Best Mini Cribs of 2022

Does thinking about how to fit a crib—along with all the other baby gear—into your home throw you into a panic? Consider a mini crib. It’s a major space saver and sometimes a multitasker, too, doubling as a bassinet or transitioning into a toddler bed down the road.

What Is a Mini Crib?

A mini crib is a smaller version of a full-size crib. Mini cribs and full-size cribs share many of the same features, just in a reduced size.

Mini cribs are more portable and more compact than full-size cribs. Some mini crib models come with wheels, making it easy to move your baby from room to room. Some can be folded flat to store in a closet or under a bed, ideal if you’re short on space or need to store one at a sitter or grandparents’ house.

How We Chose Our Best Mini Cribs

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most, then took the top mini cribs they shared with us and added our own research and insight. We think you and your little one will love at least one of these items too.

BABYLETTO Gelato 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

Mini Crib in White

A perfect choice for a sleep space that can go the distance, the Gelato transitions from a mini crib to either a toddler bed/daybed and eventually a twin size bed. We love the crib’s modern style and Babyletto’s commitment to environmental sustainability. It’s made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and Greenguard Gold certified.

Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib and Mattress Bundle V2—Natural

Stokke Sleepi Mini

There’s no other mini crib quite like Stokke’s Sleepi and that’s what we love about it. With its distinctive oval shape, it boasts a small footprint and fits perfectly into almost any small space and there are lockable wheels in case you need to move the crib from room to room. The bundle comes with the crib, mattress and drape rod. There’s also a more luxe mattress sold separately.

Autumn 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib & Changer

 mini crib

A mini crib is a smart pick if you’re short on space, and this one offers yet another small living perk: a built-in changing table and shelving. It’s ideal as an all-in-one crib + changer solution and is Greenguard Gold Certified.

BABYLETTO Origami Mini Crib

Folding Mini Crib

This simply designed mini crib folds flat for easy storage so it’s easy to tuck away if you need to when it’s not in use. It features locking casters on its feet to allow it to roll easily from room to room and is Greenguard Gold Certified like many other Babyletto products. We love the clean, fresh style that fits in with any room decor and the selection of colors.


Get ready to enjoy a lot of gourmet (pretend) cooking

best play food header

Is your toddler obsessed with food? Or are you just trying to find a fun and inviting way to introduce a few varied vegetables to your chicken-nuggets-only eater? Whatever your kiddo’s relationship with food is, play food is always an exciting addition to pretend play, whether it’s dinner parties with stuffed animals or a play kitchen cooking show with preschool friends.

To get those yummy (pretend) meals cookin’, here are our favorite play food sets:

KidKraft Tasty Treats Play Food Set

A Full Pantry

No kitchen is complete without food to fill the cupboards. Here’s every food group you could possibly think of, including the most important one: dessert. Infinite meal and snack opportunities abound with this complete set. Each piece is made of BPA-free plastic, so it’s nontoxic and durable.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Grocery Cans

Canned Goods

To make their play kitchen feel as real as possible, your kid’s probably going to want some canned food. Rather than sacrifice that canned corn you planned to make, here’s a set made of cardboard that looks just like the real stuff (contains no real food). The plastic lids are easily removable—no can opener necessary—so kiddo can go through all the motions of food prep, however minute.

Mn Play Food Setelissa & Doug Fridge Food Woode

Refrigeration Necessary

If your child’s play kitchen comes with a fridge, what do you plan to stock it with? Toy refrigerators won’t actually keep anything cold, and that’s where this fridge food set comes in handy. It’s all solid wood—hand painted, even—so there’s no risk of sour milk or melted ice cream. But heads up: none of it can actually be opened, so an element of realism is slightly lost for toddlers who might prefer it.

Hape Garden Salad

Hape Garden Salad

Getting your toddler to eat fresh greens and other vegetables can be a struggle sometimes, but you might be able to change their minds about this particular food group if they can experience the fun of tossing a salad themselves. Complete with lettuce, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumers and more, this set has lots of foods to make a healthy salad—just top it off with the included oil, vinegar and pepper and toss!

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set – Wooden Play Food

Cutting Edge

Most play food is just, well, play food—great for mimicking the real thing and encouraging imaginative play. But this set does more than that. Your toddler can use the wooden “knife” (don’t worry, it’s really dull) to slice and chop through each piece, giving them ample opportunity to practice their knife skills and build hand-eye coordination.

Baby Strollers

Best Stroller Accessories

Stroller accessories do more than soup up your baby’s ride.

Although they’re not necessities, many parents find that a few key add-ons can make being out and about with your little one a whole lot easier and a whole lot less stressful—and who couldn’t use more of that?

Here are our picks for the best stroller accessories to eliminate hassles and bring more joy to your everyday adventures. Just make sure they’re compatible with your stroller before you hit buy!

Skip Hop Universal Stroller Organizer

Stroller Organizer

A stroller organizer keeps all of your essentials (think keys, phone, water bottle and of course allll the coffee) together and within easy reach while you’re out with your little one. This one hangs from the handlebars and has adjustable Velcro straps to fit most strollers. It features two insulated cup holders and two zippered compartments that detach and turn into a wristlet for keeping your valuables safe when you step away.

JJ Cole Bundle Me

JJ Cole Urban BundleMe

If you’re going to be outside a lot and winter is intense where you live, you’ll definitely want to consider getting a stroller bunting. Like a sleeping bag for babies and toddlers, these super-soft cocoons fit right onto your stroller seat and keep your little one toasty warm, eliminating the need for loose blankets and sometimes even for winter coats, depending on the temperature. The Urban BundleMe has a warm, plush interior and a nylon exterior to protect against the elements. It’s machine washable and there’s even a detachable hood.

Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Baby Stroller Toy

Stroller Toy

Babies are super cute. Know what’s not? Bending down 36 times a day to pick up the toys they’ve gleefully flung onto the ground. This plush avocado rattle is not only fun (the two halves stick together, making for hours of open-and-close fun) but also features a built-in loop and ring that easily and securely attaches the toy right to your stroller.

guzzie+Guss Hitch Full Suspension Ride-On Stroller Board

Stroller Board

Have a single stroller, but need one that can accommodate two kids? A stroller board is perfect if you have a baby and a toddler who always wants to walk. Less expensive than purchasing a double stroller, stroller boards are a good option for toddlers that just need to rest once in awhile. This one is compatible with more than 99 percent of strollers and holds kids from ages two to five and up to 62 pounds.

Baby Strollers

A Wearable Car Seat Meets Chic Stroller: The Tayla XP Travel System

Maxi-Cosi’s newest infant car seat, the Coral XP, is unlike any other car seat you’ve probably seen in your gear research. From the outside, it looks like a regular infant car seat. But it has a soft, ultra-lightweight carrier inside that you can remove and wear like a cross-body bag with the included shoulder strap (a huge win for those “quick” trips into the store).

Tayla XP travel system

And now you can pair this unique car seat with one of Maxi-Cosi’s most popular strollers to create the Tayla XP Travel System. 

What It Does

There are a few really standout features on the Tayla XP travel system. For the Coral XP Infant Car seat, these include:

Coral XP Infant Car seat

  • Four different ways to carry it: Save your arms by using the cross-body strap. You can also carry it by the soft insert handles, hold it by the hard shell like you would with a normal car seat or pop it on the stroller.

  • Bonus safety features: The Coral XP uses special one-click LATCH connectors for quick and secure installation. There are also indicators that let you know it’s installed correctly, plus a stability leg that adds extra protection in the event of a crash.
  • Belt path install: The Coral XP travels well—you can install it without the base for easy trips in ride shares and taxis.

With Maxi-Cosi’s Tayla stroller, you get:

  • Multiple riding modes: Once your little one outgrows their infant car seat, the modular seat on the Tayla stroller means your baby can ride facing you or the world. And there are four different recline settings to keep them comfy.

  • Extra Privacy: For sunny days or distraction-free naps, Maxi Cosi’s breathable, extendable “Max Shade” canopy covers your baby’s seat entirely and zips away to store neatly when not in use.
  • All-wheel suspension: Bumps? What bumps? The lockable swivel wheels and top-notch suspension on this stroller makes for a smooth nap-friendly ride.

Why You’d Want That

Even the most lightweight car seats can be awkward to carry—sort of like trying to get through a crowded airport with a big tote bag in the crook of your elbow. The convenience of the cross-body strap and inner carrier of the Coral XP really adds up when you have several places to go throughout the day.

Maxi-Cosi Tayla XP Travel System, Essential Black

 Tayla XP travel system

Being able to combine your ideal car seat with an equally nice stroller isn’t always possible. But with the Tayla XP travel system, you get the convenience of the Coral XP paired with a chic, lightweight stroller that’s heavy on the bells and whistles. See just what those bells and whistles look like.

Nursing & Feeding

Best Baby Wipes

Diaper changes require the use of some type of cleaning cloth, and disposable baby wipes are still the most popular choice on the market today, but which ones are the best for a baby or work the best? Our tests include a side-by-side analysis of each wipe’s durability, ease of use, and eco-health features with an eye for keeping parents happy and babies clean as a whistle.

Best Overall Baby Wipe:Water Wipes

Water Wipes

Water Wipes are pretty much exactly what they claim to be, a clean and straightforward wipe without added chemicals, and we couldn’t love them more. This wipe is sturdy, stretchable, fragrance-free, and moist. They pull easily out of the packaging, which is easy to open and close, and the wipes are soft enough to please even the most delicate skin. This wipe is the only one in our review accepted by the National Eczema Association. We think parents concerned with the number of chemicals they use on their baby will appreciate the ingredient list on these wipes, with 99.9% being water and 0.1% being fruit extract.

These water-based wipes are more expensive than most disposable wipes, with an average price of almost 3x that of the other competitors. They are also one of the smallest wipes in the group by 1-3 inches in length, but we suspect most parents won’t notice the size difference and will willingly accept the size in exchange for what this wipe lacks. Water Wipes are one of a kind, and we think most parents will find the additional cost acceptable for a simple chemical-free product, especially for newborns or premies. If your infant has sensitive skin or you want to avoid added chemicals, we think Water Wipes are the best thing around.

Best Wipe for Eco-Health:Seventh Generation Free and Clear

Seventh Generation Baby Wipe

The Seventh Generation Baby Wipe is one of the few selections in our lineup that is entirely scent-free, which means fewer chemicals and no odor. We prefer a baby who smells like a baby, with no fragrances to mask the scent of the contents that you typically find in a dirty diaper. This wipe is ultra-soft, larger than some competitors, and has an adorable duck pattern. With fewer ingredients, it is hard not to love this eco-friendlier option.

Unfortunately, this wipe is not the most durable choice. While it should clean a poopy tushie without a problem, dried poop might result in tearing and a bigger mess than you want to deal with. However, ideally, you’ll clean messes before they dry. Overall, there is much to love about this wipe free from fragrances, alcohol, and parabens. We think parents who are trying to avoid chemicals or want eco-friendly will love the Seventh Generation choice.

Tight Budget Water Wipe:Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes

 Mama Bear Water Wipes

The Mama Bear Water Wipes were somewhat of a pleasant surprise for us, given our disappointment in this review’s other Mama Bear wipes. This wipe is soft yet super durable, with no tears during testing. It has no smell and is free of concerning elements like alcohol, parabens, and phthalates. This simple, straightforward wipe is 99% purified water, and the material includes 15% cotton for that soft feel that stands out in a crowd. The pack is easy to open and close, and the wipes come out one at a time without the dreaded follow-along wipe that leads to waste.

There isn’t much to dislike about this wipe, but it does have significantly more ingredients than our top “water wipe” winner. These additives look to be mostly preservative ingredients, and they are still far fewer than the majority of the competition. The price is far better than the competing water wipe. It does contain Phenoxyethanol, which can be an irritant for some, so you may want to do a spot test before using it on your baby’s sensitive bits. Overall, we think this is an excellent wipe at a wallet-friendly price, especially for parents looking to limit their little one’s exposure to chemicals.


Best Baby Toys to Improve Fine Motor Skills

The first time your baby grabs for an object or builds a stack of blocks (and then knocks them down, of course) is pretty fun to watch. What looks like a simple, ordinary activity for adults is a pretty big deal for babies, and mastering these types of skills requires lots and lots of practice for your little one.

Fine motor skills—movements that involve small muscle groups like the hands and wrists—are a huge part of your little one’s development. Strong fine motor skills will help your little one better explore the world around them and reach crucial developmental milestones like picking up and manipulating objects, feeding themselves and even turning the pages of a book. And since little ones learn best through play, toys can be a great way to encourage this type of skill-building while having some fun along the way.

Babylist’s Best Toys to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Rainbow Stacking Rings

Rainbow Stacking Rings

This modern twist on the traditional stacking ring is just right for helping your baby practice fine motor skills. We love the rings’ bold colors and engaging patterns and that they’re made from a soft, plush fabric that’s safely chewable. The rings can be stacked on the pegged base or played with on their own and, in addition to brushing up on those fine motor skills, this toy also helps with other important skills like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and visual development.

Recycled Plastic Stacking Cups

Nesting cups

What’s the opposite of stacking? Nesting! Nesting cups are another great way for your baby to work on fine motor skills, and these eco-friendly cups in six different sizes are a perfect example of a simple, open-ended toy that holds so many play possibilities. These also make fun sand or water toys.

Hape Pound and Tap Bench

Pounding Toy

Simple cause and effect toys are always a good choice for capturing your baby’s attention. This one will captivate your tiny explorer as they pound the ball through the hole and hear the twinkling of the xylophone keys on its way down—all while improving their fine motor skills without even realizing it. It’s great for color recognition and hand-eye coordination, too.


Best Baby and Toddler Toys to Make You Nostalgic

Ah, nostalgia. Memories of playing outside with friends, long summers off from school and, of course, your favorite childhood toys. Whether you grew up in the 70s, 80s, 90s or noughties, some nostalgic toys are still around—and they look as fun as ever. The toys you loved as a kid are sure to delight your own little one, too (and if you still want to play with them even as an adult, we totally get it).

Here are our favorite baby and toddler toys that have stood the test of time—and provide that sweet nostalgia for parents and grandparents (just be sure to share your toys!).

Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks and Rock-a-Stack

Stacking rings & a shape sorter—what better playroom staples to start your little one off with? There’s a reason these two toys are considered classics, since they’ve been helping babies develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination for literal generations. You may have even had these exact ones from Fisher-Price (or maybe even the xylophone, too) in your nursery!

Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs

Ever dreamed of living the log cabin life? Kids have loved Lincoln Logs for building their own (tiny) log cabins for a full century, and they’re the perfect toy to get your toddler interested in engineering and architecture. This special 100th anniversary tin comes with 111 pieces for your little one’s cabin masterpiece, and it serves as a reminder of just how much nostalgia is in this toy.

Little People World Of Animals See ‘N Say

Upgraded Classic

Animal sounds abound in this ultra-nostalgic toy. Pull the lever, watch the arrow spin and hear the sounds of whatever animal the arrow lands on. It’s so simple, and yet it’ll be some of the most fun your little one could possibly have with learning animal noises (short of you making the noises yourself). You may remember the See ‘n Say from your childhood being limited to farm animals, but this updated version features jungle animals, too!

View Master

View Master

Looking for great views without all the traveling? Whether it’s safari views, under-the-sea scenery, national landmarks or even your own photos, the super-vintage View Master has been transporting children to all sorts of cool places since its debut in 1939, and it’s sure to make your toddler feel just as worldly (though younger kiddos may need some help pulling the lever to change photos).

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone


Your little one probably doesn’t know what a rotary phone is (and, depending on your generation, this toy phone may have been your only rotary experience, too), but you don’t need to know anything about phones old or new to have fun with this one. Older babies love the spinning dial’s dinging sounds, and you may even remember from your own toddler years how much fun this phone can be once you learn to walk. Pull it along by the string to hear it chatter away and see its eyes look all around.

Fisher-Price Retro Cash Register

Cha-ching! Cash registers are a longtime favorite toddler toy, from the fake coins and turning crank to the dinging bell and pop-out drawer. It’s a fun, screen-free way to get your kiddo started on counting and color recognition. We love to throw in some play food and a pint-sized shopping cart to make a whole pretend grocery store setup, too.

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